Interior Architecture

Frédéric Back's studies at the École des beaux-arts de Rennes included courses in interior architecture. Since the subject was just beginning to be taught at Montreal's École du meuble when he arrived, his expertise was particularly appreciated by the professionals there. Over the next 25 years, he accepted occasional commissions in this field, happy to work on projects that were more lasting than television programs. Some of his most noteworthy achievements were the interior decoration of a number of churches plus several restaurants, hotels and private homes.

Frédéric Back used his expertise on a variety of projects, many of them quite ambitious, from architectural blueprints and perspective drawings to stained glass, murals, tapestries and designs for furniture or decorations.

Interior Architecture


Frédéric Back first met the renowned interior designer and decorator Claude Hinton in 1952, when the theatre and television set decorator Robert Prévost recommended...


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