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Discover the life and work of a versatile artist who has created an outstanding body of work while striving to help build a better world. A virtual museum for you to explore as your fancy and interests dictate. Discover 5,000 never-before-seen works and a goldmine of information, in seven sections reflecting different aspects of Frédéric Back’s world. Frédéric wanted this invaluable reference source to be available for artists, students and teachers. He also hopes the site will serve as a rallying point for those who care about the environment.



The Man Behind the Artist — Frédéric writes about his childhood in Alsace, his love of animals, the Second World War, art school and his passion for painting, his Atlantic crossing and beginnings in Canada, the early days of television, and how he became an animator. This fascinating section also contains items of considerable documentary interest: photos, drawings, pages from his sketchbooks, and letters.

> Introduction
> Childhood (1924-37)
> Education (1937-48)
> Canadian Beginnings (1948-52)
> Television (1952-68)
> Animated Film (1968-93)
> 1993 to today (coming in december 2010)



A Multi-talented Artist — Although Frédéric Back is best known as an animator, he has also illustrated a number of books, made posters and banners, designed public places, and created murals and stained glass, including the one at the Place des Arts metro station in Montreal. This section reveals the remarkable range of his talents. See how he suited his style to whatever project he took on, from ingenious inventions for doing animation live on television to scale models and sets for the stage and screen.

> Introduction
> Television
> Publishing
> Cinema
> Stained glass
> Interior architecture



Inside the Animation Studio
— Frédéric Back invites you into the studio where he made his famous films. Check out his film synopses, drawings and storyboards, plus detailed explanations of technical procedures, lots of clips from his films, and a letter he wrote to a young animator.

> Introduction
> Filmography
          > Abracadabra
          > Inon or the Conquest of Fire
          > The Creation of Birds
          > Illusion?
          > Taratata
          > All Nothing
          > Crac!
          > The Man Who Planted Trees
          > The Mighty River
> Distributors
> Animation techniques
> The animation studio
> Collaborators
> Letter to a young animator



A Life’s Drawings
— More than words ever could, these 5,000 drawings and paintings reveal an enduring passion for movement, light and detail, and trace a life coloured by great sensitivity and talent. With thousands of studies, sketches, drawings and gouaches, this section presents the more private and personal work of an artist who has always strived only to capture what moves him in nature and concerns him about where our world is heading. You can use the virtual museum’s search tool to explore these works or view them in the thematic galleries.

> Introduction
> Search Tool
> My Collection
> Capturing the Changes
> Terms of Use
> Exhibitions
> The Museum Shop
> Sign in



Caring Together — In addition to giving us The Man Who Planted Trees, Frédéric was one of the pioneers of the environmental movement in Quebec. Discover hundreds of drawings and posters that reveal his commitment to his cherished causes, along with a stirring editorial, archival documents and video clips. Follow the experiences that planted the seeds of his activism, his growing awareness and his efforts to help save the environment and protect animals.

> Introduction
> Imprinted

> Becoming Aware

> Standpoint
          > The Illusion of Progress
          > Against pollution of every king

          > In defence of animals

          > To save the forests

          > Help for the rivers and oceans

          > Artisan farmers

> Time to act

> Images for the struggle



Near and Far — “Draw everything you see; this world will soon be gone!” In 1942, Frédéric’s mentor, Mathurin Méheut, urged his young student to record nature, the countryside and all the age-old crafts that would disappear with the mechanization and industrialization that followed World War II. Through these sketchbooks, travel diaries, gouaches, and book projects, rediscover a bygone way of life, with its traditional costumes, farming methods, arts, crafts, and architecture. Accompany Frédéric Back on his travels thanks to his personal gallery of paintings and drawings depicting his native Alsace, Brittany where he took refuge during the Second World War, the Aboriginal cultures that so fascinated him on his arrival in Canada in 1948, colourful Mexico, and post-war Europe.

> Introduction
> Canada
          > Plains Indians
          > Pacific Northwest First Nations
          > Eastern North America
> Polar region
> France
          > Brittany
          > Alsace
          > Paris
> Mexico
> England
> The United States
> Italy
> Spain
> Switzerland
> Austria



Educational Fun — The activity kits in this section offer children, teachers and parents an enjoyable way to explore important environmental issues through imaginative projects.

For teachers and parents

The “Caring Together Activity Kits” are designed to awaken children, teachers and parents to the active role they can play as citizens, today and tomorrow, using the arts. They fulfill Frédéric Back’s wish that his life’s work be made accessible and useful! Intended for teachers, educators and parents, the “Caring Together Activity Kits” are offered free of charge as a way of filling the need for original teaching materials that advance the cause of environmental education and the values associated with it. The Kits are intended for use around the world, and are adaptable to different educational contexts. They are designed to develop creative abilities in children aged 6 to 12, and to encourage reflection on the concepts of commitment and responsibility.

> From Tree to Tree
> Natural Happiness
> Crac!
> All Nothing
> The Mighty River
> Illusion!
> The Man Who Planted Trees (pdf only)
> D'hier à aujourd'hui (pdf and only french)
> Un regard sur la nature avec Frédéric Back (pdf and only french)

Kids' Zone

Exploring the Life of Frédéric Back — For the young and young at heart, Frédéric’s little dog, Mali, presents an illustrated biography of her master’s life. You’ll learn about his dedication to his work, his curiosity, and his respect for nature and other cultures. You’ll see how Frédéric Back’s work is nourished by his experiences: his love of animals, witnessing the senselessness of war at a tender age, his travels and taste for adventure, and his unflagging desire to change things so as to make the world a more beautiful and promising place for all who come after.
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Learning about the First Peoples — Fascinated by Aboriginal cultures when he first moved to Canada, Frédéric now shares his voyage of discovery through the many drawings and paintings he made at the time.
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Transportation from yesterday to today — Ever since childhood, Frédéric Back has drawn, painted and illustrated the world around him — landscapes, buildings, cities, boats, horses, traditional trades, and more. Throughout his life, Frédéric has created thousands of images. Today, he invites you to journey with him through the world of transportation and see how our ways of getting about have evolved over time.
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Kid's Art Gallery: Share your Drawings — Send us your best drawing or painting and it could be posted in our virtual gallery! Get out your crayons and paintbrushes, and then scan your artwork and send it to us using the form at the bottom of the page.
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The Museum Shop — By buying merchandise you can help us to maintain our virtual museum and continue to offer free educational activity kits for children. Purchase bookmarks, postcards, posters and/or a LIMITED EDITION GICLÉE PRINT NUMBERED and SIGNED by the ARTIST.

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