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Reproduction rights may be licensed by Atelier Frederic Back inc. only for images whose reproduction rights are held by Atelier Frédéric Back inc.

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Conditions of use for images from the website

Images may be used for personal viewing, study or research. For broadcast, reproduction or publication of the image, an additional licence must be obtained from Atelier Frédéric Back inc.

Images are provided for one-time use. Any re-use requires an additional licence.

Digital copies licensed for Internet use will be digitized at a resolution no higher than 72 dpi and will include a watermark.

An additional fee is charged for images provided for commercial use.

Users are required to include the watermark and Atelier Frédéric Back inc. credit below or adjacent to the image if the image is used in a publication, exhibition, video production or electronic media.

Reproduction and use fees for the images

Fees charged for images ordered from the website cover the costs of reproduction and administration of the service.

Clients who want to use the images for promotional or commercial purposes or financial gain are subject to another price list that includes a commercial use fee. This fee goes toward the cost of maintaining the website and contributing to activities of the environmental and animal protection organizations supported by

Commercial use fees

Use fees are not charged when images are obtained for the purpose of private viewing, study or research.

Commercial use fees are normally charged to for-profit corporations, partnerships and private businesses and to individuals when images are to be used commercially in books, periodicals, films, video productions, public screenings or advertising or for direct sale. Such use includes the exhibition of images in public areas of commercial buildings, restaurants, galleries and retail spaces.

Commercial use fees are in addition to the fees for providing the commercial user with a reproduction of the image.

Images are provided for one-time use. Any later or different use, including the production of subsequent editions or printings of a work, constitutes re-use and requires renegotiation and repayment of commercial use fees.

A higher fee may be charged for images to be used for advertising.

Educational institutions may be eligible for special rates.

Refusal of an image reproduction request

Atelier Frédéric Back inc. reserves the right to refuse to provide reproductions of images if, in the judgment of Atelier Frédéric Back inc., the proposed use of the images as described in writing by the requester is not in accordance with the ethics and values of the website or if the requester is unable to provide sufficient guarantees that the conditions of use will be complied with.

Atelier Frédéric Back inc. will not provide image reproductions for the purpose of creating a separate collection for the requester or others to use at will, nor may the image reproductions be placed in other institutions by the requester.

For questions regarding the ordering of image reproductions or licensing of reproduction rights, please contact:

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