Canada | Plains Indians


Bison (also known as buffalo) were vital to the survival of the Plains Indians. Bison meat was a source of food, while the skins provided clothing and tipi covers. The bones were used to craft tools or games; the horns served as cups; the intestines were used to make ropes; and the teeth were turned into jewellery, small tools, and so on. Bison also had spiritual meaning ― in fact, the Blackfoot adopted the animal as their emblem. Bison had no natural predators and roamed the plains in enormous herds in the sixteenth century, before the arrival of the white man. To hunt bison, Plains Indians drove them into enclosures or ― if the region was hilly ― over cliffs, where the hunters could kill them.

[peinture #03013]
Buffalo Skulls and Bones
1949, summer
Canada, Alberta, Calgary
Study, gouache, on studio paper
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