"The art, legends and way of life of the First Nations people were intriguing discoveries for me on my arrival in North America. So many cultures obliterated by European supremacy and folly! Crossing Canada by rail in 1949 allowed me to encounter a number of Aboriginal communities in Western Canada and on the Pacific coast. From that two-month stay I brought back as many notes as I could with the aim of publishing something that I hoped would reveal their rich culture to others. But with no publisher showing interest, my project never got off the ground."

Frédéric Back


1 - An encounter with four aboriginal groups / Enter2 - Aboriginal Legends / Enter3 - Aboriginal Know-how / Enter


A note to teachers and parents:
Each activity is supported by visual works made by Frédéric Back. Rather than just present a series of multiple-choice questions, each situation also includes information designed to make youngsters reflect. We invite you to accompany the children in their learning and share your thoughts with them.