It is the mid-1920s. As soon as he can walk, Frédéric Back is drawing with whatever he can put his hands on. It is at this time in his life that two of his greatest passions are born – music and animals. His notebooks are filled with cows, meadows and birds perching on the roofs of houses. In Strasbourg, he brings home lost dogs and ailing cats, which he and his mother care for together. But it is in the rural Alsace of his boyhood, where he learns to work the earth, that he feels truly alive. On his uncles' and aunts' farm, he discovers goats and pigs, which he is quick to let out of their pens and lead out to pasture. As a young man, he spends his holidays in the fields – haying, and picking tobacco and potatoes, feeding the rabbits and geese, or harnessing the oxen and horses. For him, these animals are more than animals, they are companions.