Take action now

"We live on a miraculous planet drifting through infinite nothingness. This earthly paradise is in danger, however, under threat from humanity. Never have there been so many of us, demanding so many resources, destroying so many habitats, changing so many watercourses and – as never before – changing the climate. We are not responsible for the situation that was left us, but we are responsible, today, for the world we are leaving to the next generations. Our over-consumption and the human population explosion are serious challenges, but we now have the astounding power of information. Today, we know! No matter how much has already disappeared, despite everything we still do not know, the tiniest part of our planet is a an entire universe unto itself and deserves to be saved. Are we ready to protect and share what remains of this treasure, or will we continue to squander and destroy what used to bring us both happiness and health?

"Confronted by this challenge, governments have lacked vision and courage. But voices that were once accused of being stuck in the past or prophets of doom are finally being heard. This citizen movement is proposing new priorities and long-term visions, and beginning to push back against political inertia. Let's add our voices and our actions to theirs! From this day forward, let's all be part of this generous and necessary revolt!"
Frédéric Back, 2007